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Base Shell


why Our Base Shell

 Our Base Shells are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Our Base Shells are strong, durable, and will be able to withstand the engraving and printing process throughout.

yogiine base shell engraving depth

Engraving Depth

Our Base Shells tolerate consistent and appropriate engraving depth for rich quality printing job.

Dimensional Accuracy

We ensure our base shells fit properly for the printing press alignment while engraving with the other cylinders.

yogine base shell Hardness


We ensure that consistent and appropriate level of hardness in our base shells to ensure accurate and consistent engraving unlike others.

yogine base shell smoothness


We ensure our base shells surface is smooth, free from scratches, pits, or other defects for rich quality engraving for best print output..

yogine base shell Surface finish

Surface Finish

We ensure our base shell's surface with appropriate surface finish that is compatible with the engraving process that support rich print output.

yogine base shell Chemical composition

Chemical Composition

Our base shell's material chemical composition never affect its properties and performance while engraving and further in printing process.

Thermal stability

Our base shells have good thermal stability to maintain its shape and integrity during the engraving as well as through out printing process.

yogine base shell Resistance wear and tear


Our base shells resistant to wear and tear from repeated use and contact with the printing substrate due to its focused make for high rich engraving support.

yogine base shells Uniformity


Our base shell are made with uniform properties and dimensions to ensure consistent engraving which further results in rich printing results overall.


Shape: Cylindrical

Base: Stainless Stell

Length & Diameter

As Per Requirement

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Roto Gravure
Yogine Base Shells are made keeping world-class standards.


Yogine Base Shells are superior in quality and they deliver on time.

Our Infrastructure

 Creating right Base Shells for finer engraving and better print output.

Dynamic Balancing

A measuring tool used for balancing baseshell.

Lathe Machine

It is used for shaping, sanding and deformation.

Draw Machine

To Lower The Size Of The Pipe

Key Way Machine

To Cut Key To Fit The Cylinder

Our Process

 Creating right Base Shells for finer engraving and better print output.